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Explore the senior living shopper

Data from over 41,000 consumer Roobrik Survey submissions.

Get to know your senior living audience.

Inside the report:

  • An in-depth look at older adults researching senior living for themselves, self-assessors.
  • Audience segmentations by age, motivation, perceptions of financial readiness, family involvement, living situation, and more.
  • Audience insights from 41,000+ recently completed Roobrik Surveys in 2023.
Know Your Audience Report cover

Download the Report (.pdf)

Turn researchers into residents.

Learn how Roobrik optimizes conversions at every stage of the buyer journey.

Roobrik Surveys engage your hidden audience to drive 20-40% more web leads. 23 useful prospect insights delivered to your team with every Roobrik lead.
Move-in rates 2x higher than other web lead  and faster sales cycle.